Blue Edges’ style finds its roots in Nordic and contemporary designs. These notions were the primary inspiration for our founders, Natalie and Chester. In search of these aesthetic standards, they sought out fashion pieces that reflected their interest in these concepts; however, they seldom found brands that appealed to their sophisticated tastes. Determined to bring the beauty of these fused concepts to the fashion world, Natalie and Chester built the Blue Edges brand in 2016 as a compliment to their apparel store, opened in 2012.

“We believe that the power of style is limitless: it inspires, creates possibility and engenders confidence. Personal style changes the way others perceive us and the way we live our daily lives: it reflects who you are, alters the ways we choose to decorate our most intimate living spaces, inspires our creative and perceptive virtues, and affects how we utilize lines and space. Our brand proposes not only a new aesthetic, but a more fulfilling way of life driven by a unique style with an emphasis on usability, comfort, and design.

“We hope you can find your inspiration in us.”

-Natalie and Chester



Blue Edges was founded on the twin pillars of quality and individuality. We make wardrobe essentials that offer equal parts style and comfort to metropolitan women. Blue, the color of the sea and sky but also a symbol of confidence, paired with Edges, the link between two distinct elements, is more than just a name - it is a lifestyle. The contrasting ideas of curvilinear naturalism and sharp silhouettes evoked by these two words embody the balance brought to your style by our accessories. Our minimalist, Nordic-inspired designs offer versatile pieces that evoke the beauty of nature while adding an element of understated elegance to any ensemble.



Like every piece of marble, we understand that the needs and tastes of each customer is unique. We have created a brand that reflects this truth. Like artists and craftsmen before us, we are inspired by the fine linear patterns that decorate marble surfaces which are at once clean and precise, yet completely organic. Like marble patterns, our designs are one of a kind.


Marble has consistently been used as an artistic medium for centuries and today we can see the evidence of its resilience. In addition to the aesthetic beauty of the medium, its notably high quality has inspired the way we create our products. Our designs are at once versatile, comfortable, and a work of art in their own right. Modern aesthetics are highlighted by our accessible and usable designs that offer ease of access and of spirit for women on the go with an eye for sophistication.


When building our brand, we searched for workshops with experience in making the highest quality goods. We know that beauty is in the details, so we treat our materials and manufacturing processes with the same care as Michelangelo when carving his marble masterpieces. Like the high quality artistic medium that inspires them, our designs are lasting and resilient.

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