Blue Edges’ style finds its roots in Nordic and contemporary designs. These notions were the primary inspiration for our founders, Natalie and Chester. In search of these aesthetic standards, they sought out fashion pieces that reflected their interest in these concepts; however, they seldom found brands that appealed to their sophisticated tastes. Determined to bring the beauty of these fused concepts to the fashion world, Natalie and Chester built the Blue Edges brand in 2016 as a compliment to their apparel store, opened in 2012.
“We believe that the power of style is limitless: it inspires, creates possibility and engenders confidence. Personal style changes the way others perceive us and the way we live our daily lives: it reflects who you are, alters the ways we choose to decorate our most intimate living spaces, inspires our creative and perceptive virtues, and affects how we utilize lines and space. Our brand proposes not only a new aesthetic, but a more fulfilling way of life driven by a unique style with an emphasis on usability, comfort, and design.
“We hope you can find your inspiration in us.”
-Natalie and Chester